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Student Council

■ Introduction of Student Council Divisions


▪ Planning Division : The planning division is responsible for devising and carrying out various departmental and class events including preparations for team-building activities, wrap-up parties, and events with departments focused on the same field at other schools in Korea. This division gathers feedback from students, allowing it to plan more meaningful events that are both fun and educational. 

▪ Russian Class Special Division : The Russian Class Special Division was established to support the activities of the integrated Student Council, which was launched in November 2016 to oversee departments and classes. This division facilitates the smooth integration of departments and classes, helping students to easily obtain information on events organized by the Student Council and to participate actively in such activities.  

▪ External Affairs Division : The External Affairs Division promotes exchange between the Department of Russian Language and Literature at Korea University and related departments at other universities both in Korea and internationally. This division aims to strengthen ties with these departments by gradually expanding the scope of its activities. By promoting social and intellectual exchanges with students of Russian nationality in Korea, it helps students to enhance their linguistic skills and cultural understanding. In addition, the division manages the Department’s continuing relationship with the Exchange Class at Yonsei University. 

▪ General Affairs Division : The General Affairs Division is responsible for the overall financial management of the Department of Russian Language and Literature at Korea University. It manages Student Council fees and other funds which are used to conduct various departmental events, and prioritizes accuracy and transparency. The division submits comprehensive documentation of its expenses every semester to ensure the transparency of the Student Council’s finances. 

▪ PR Division : The PR Division is responsible for all promotional activities related to the Department, including student performances and team-building activities. It communicates and interacts with students through posters, text messages and its official Facebook page. Instead of simply delivering information, the division seeks to foster a sense of belonging in students.