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Student Clubs

■ Introduction of Student Council Divisions


▪ Russian Theater Research Society
Beginning with Anton Chekhov’s A Marriage Proposal in 1975, the Russian Theater Research Society has performed Russian plays for the past 41 years. They have featured seminal works not only by Chekhov, but also Pushkin, Gogol, Tolstoy, and Gorky. More recently, they have presented modern plays by Alexander Vampilov and Lyudmila Razumovskaya. In addition to giving performances, they share their love for Russian literature by organizing seminars on various writers and plays, and on the field as a whole. They also run a popular blog focused on Russian literature.

▪ New Generation
New Generation is a club dedicated to ‘grassroots’ songs, or in other words songs which have been part of meaningful social trends or movements. Its slogan is “a love for people, a love for singing.” Formed by alumni in 1987 during the democracy movement of that era, the club is still very active today. Through its auspices, every semester over the past 30 years, many students have come together to put on sterling performances. The members of New Generation sing together in an informal, easygoing atmosphere regardless of their singing abilities, musical skills or age. New members are recruited each year, and students who have performed previously can continue to participate in subsequent years. Students can choose to sing or play any instrument, such as guitar, drums or keyboard. Those who are not familiar with singing or playing instruments have the opportunity to learn from more experienced students. The songs performed are carefully selected through discussions, and the club strives to include songs of various genres. The students learn valuable lessons every summer and winter while preparing for upcoming performances. They gain the confidence to sing and perform in front of others, and create cherished memories with their peers. Anyone interested in trying something new or making friends for life is welcome to join. The club guarantees fun, laughter and healing through the common bond of music.

▪ Oreugopa
The Department also supports Oreugopa, which is a new student club formed in 2008. It facilitates social exchanges among students through various events such as volunteering, mountain climbing, cooking competitions and picnics. Anyone can participate in their wide range of activities, from long-term volunteering to short-term events.

▪ Iskra
The soccer club Iskra, the only sports-related club in the Department, was formed in 2004. It has gained a reputation as a strong team in the College of Liberal Arts after ranking first, second and third in 2008, 2009 and 2014, respectively, in the inter-departmental competition. In Iskra, students can form close ties with one another through training sessions, and create wonderful memories while preparing for competitions. They also gain a sense of responsibility from participating in major events like the Presidential Cup. Female students can join the club as managers and oversee club operations. The club takes pride in offering a rich, dynamic experience and in instilling core values such as teamwork and sportsmanship.